"Planning this park shows us, both mothers and their lost children, that somebody cares for what has happened in the past." — Soonghei


The city of Paju, Korea, is located just south of Panmunjeom at the 38th parallel and Demilitarized Zone. Paju is developing a memorial park dedicated to the approximately 200,000 children who were sent from Korea to be adopted and raised around the world.

The park is to be called "Omma Poom." Omma means mother and poom symbolizes the love and comfort of being in a mother's arms. The purpose of the park is to provide a place for adoptees to return when visiting Korea. Paju hopes that the park can connect adoptees to each other and to Korea.

The memorial will comprise a 2300 square meter park located within the boundaries of a former U.S. military base, Camp Howze. Preliminary plans for the park include symbolic sculptures, a gathering place, and a seating area to relax and reflect.


Event Details

The opening ceremony for the Omma Poom Park and related celebratory events are scheduled for Sep. 10-12. Find details on the schedule, how all adoptees can get involved, and optional add-on tours.

We hope to see many adoptees there for this momentous celebration.


Please Note

While the event is open to the public and all are welcome, if you live locally and are interested in attending, we ask that you sign up here.


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"The peace one feels as you walk through the park is indescribable."

— Becky K.

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Going to the park was profoundly impactful.

I loved how [another adoptee] described it: “sad joy.” Omma Poom gave me a sense of belonging and connection to Korea and our shared history. I love that it provides a tangible place for birth mothers, birth families, adoptees, and all who have been impacted by adoption to call their own. It feels empowering to know that this place exists."   - Paul